Factory License Registration


The factory setup in India for a foreign venture require a lot of formalities to fulfill. We are here to provide various services that helps them to easily set their venture on Indian land.

SSI / MSME / DIC Registration

Every business registered in India is provided certain benefits by the government of India based on its classification in the type of entity it is i.e Small, Medium or Micro. When you register a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, you will get an MSME certificate (provisional or permanent).

This MSME certificate helps you enjoy various benefits like priority sector lending (you get loans easily), differential rates of interest (you pay lesser interest on loans), various exemption under tax laws, get environmental clearances, etc. 

When you are about to start your Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, you should apply for a Provisional Registration.

Once you are given the Provisional MSME Certificate and you start production you can apply for a Permanent Certificate, which opens up more benefits for you.

It may not be compulsory to register your Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, but it is definitely what you’d want to do. It will provide you may government benefits and schemes eligibility.


Provisional Registration

Provisional registration is granted to a unit at its pre- investment period to enable it to take necessary steps to apply for financial credit, land or an industrial set, water, power or telephone connections, etc.


Permanent / Final Registration

A provisionally registered industrial unit when it is about to go into production is to apply for grant of Permanent / Final Registration. An existing and functioning industrial unit is eligible to apply for Permanent / Final Registration without going into provisional registration processes.